Saturday, 17 January 2015

Training & Employment

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Sometimes we are close to something beneficial but are unaware of the same.
When I came across some beneficial schemes ( links provided in the end) running for years, I was surprised to know that these are actually beneficial but I was unaware of the same.

There are some scheme formed and are controlled by government of India.
MES courses were  adopted under a programme a by central govt., and have now been carried over by many state govt. to provide training in different areas.
These courses involves training and development of unemployed candidates between age group of 18 to 35 years.

Courses involves negligible fees (Rs.300 to 600 as registration fees) and practical knowledge with employment guaranteed. So the courses are almost free.
Most of the organisation involved in the process of training, provides the free recruitment services.In return these organisations get paid from govt. on basis of number of students trained.

In rajasthan, programme carried by govt is divided in different projects.
The govt. department concerned about the process is RSLDC, website is
Details of the programmes

The details of courses and training centres are provided in the link: 

The organisations / institutes involved in free training are:
Institutes Involved

These schemes are with residential as well as non residential facility, ask the contact person provided in the link above for the same.

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