Sunday, 4 February 2018

Analysis of BJP government (since 2014)

In 2014 when BJP government came into force, people had hope that things would change.
But even at that time, I had feeling that this government is more of "no option" government than "I choose” government. And the same conditions exists even at this point of time.

Just one face Mr. Modi, gave BJP what it wanted for years. People went crazy to vote and follow him without thinking as the phenomenon of "What is seen is sold" was in effect. The mindless media of this nation contributed to the victory and made huge profits at that time.

It is 2018 now, this government has shown almost all its cards and the people who are actually educated and don't go with the flow, can conclude whether the decision of electing this government with majority was right or not.

Three decisions that has drawn attention:
1. Demonetisation.
2. GST implementation
3. Make in India

Demonetisation or lack of it:
Government said this step was taken to curb black money but how? The circulation for INR 500 and INR 1000 old currency notes was stopped but to replace new 500 INR notes and INR 2000 notes were offered. How in practical life this exchange of currency notes would curb black money?

Black money involves unaccounted money gathered from tax evasion. The best way to keep the money is to keep in cash, high denomination currency notes makes it easier to keep black money.
In the demonetisation implemented by BJP govt., they retained the high denomination notes in new form and even 1000 was replaced by 2000. This move doesn't make any sense to me and few other people.
Currently, most of the people have grown their black money as the taxation system is not effective to keep track of money even in bank accounts and the old currency notes were exchanged by new.
A permanent discontinuation of INR 1000 and gradual discontinuation of INR 500 was required for effective demonetisation.

It was reported that 99% of old currency in circulation came back to bank but I think the figure is more than 100% (some fake currency was also deposited during the mess), so as a result banks are now paying interest on fake currency as well. Govt. and RBI must have manipulated the data to save themselves from shaming.

GST implementation:
This step has however helped India to simplify the tax system for indirect taxes like VAT, service tax and excise duty. But that too was not given enough thought before implementation, the frequent changes before & after GST implementation are proofs.

Also the small dealers and retailers are still irritated with the new tax (GST), the formalities are more than the benefits offered to them. Government has definitely exempted them from registration for a turnover under specified limit but practically if you are not registered with GST, no reputed organisation would take goods or services from you. In case you get registered with GST the time, energy and cost of implementation to business are considerable.

Make in India:
This is nothing new, a statement I would give to describe the case "It’s a son born many years ago but named just now". This government and even previous government are thinking new ways to promote manufacturing sector in India. But the setbacks are no firm initiative by regional / state governments, people in India are earning focused more than innovation focused, lack of technology, costs involved in setting up a manufacturing entity, lack of knowledge etc.

You may see “Made in India” on some electronic products (Laptops, phones) but almost all of them are just assembled in India while components are made outside India.
A very good sync between centre and state is pre-requisite to develop manufacturing and service industry.
I have written to government of Rajasthan many times suggesting to make laws, policies and provide all possible help to service industry in Rajasthan. But I guess Chief Minister is busy in opening new wine shop at every street corner. She takes no stress, nothing concerns her, I don’t have exact idea how people can vote someone like her. I think it would be better to keep this for some other post.

 Bullet train decision was also foolish as the nation where 1% population has more than 75% of nation’s wealth, how a bullet train would be successful with fares equal to air transport.
In budget 2018, government has increased cess rate, proposed a tax on LTCG while no benefit was given to middle class directly. Some schemes with high expected expenditure were announced involving agriculture and health but we all know how money flows from top to bottom in such schemes.
I feel population is the biggest problem for India, with new technology and artificial intelligence the problem of unemployment, poverty will reach heights. This problem would have no solution at the time it would be noticeable.
A government with a person trapped in dramas of religion, caste, “sangh” or vote bank has no guts to take steps to avoid the worst future conditions. For everything else he is dependent on his ministers and experts, who wants to make him happy. Are their minds capable enough to create resources so that the future population can survive on limited land, food and jobs?

Normal Politics is hybrid, its combination of self, rule, divide, individual, group, nation, leadership, following, faces (seen & hidden) and much more.
Indian politics is one level up as it involves caste, religion and orthodox thinking. The involvement of these factors holds back the implementation of important law and policies in the country.

To sum up my post I would say, the Prime Minister has highest education as Master in Arts, so nothing financial or economical can be expected from him without input of experts, now these experts, most of them works for money and they would not speak or stand against other ministers e.g. finance minister who are influential upon PM. And that would hurt the nation as a developing economy.

When you vote next time vote for a person who deserves to be MLA or MP in your area, no party, no person in centre, just the person whom you are voting directly, that government with ruling and strong opposition would be the best possible mix.

Monday, 9 January 2017

ICAI stats (year 15-16)

People frequently asks or want to know about the total members of ICAI, so here I am updating the important figures below:

Total members as on 1st April 2016: 253,337 
(you may refer page 56 Annual report 2015-16)
It doesn't look like a huge figure but it is actually a big figure, when we have to keep CA profession and their future in contrast.

New members registered during 2015-16: 13,363
During 2014-15 , new members registered were : 10,295
( refer page 85 of annual report of ICAI ) - Annual Report 2014-15
So, more students in CA finals 2016 have passed as compared to previous year.

Members not in practice on 31st march 2016: 132,697
As on 1 april, 2015, the non practice members were: 124,434
So the non practice members added during 15-16 were : 8263 (62% of total passed)

Now, the fact here is that sufficient jobs will not be there to accommodate passed students and all jobs produced during 2015-16 won't offer average salary of 5-6 lakhs. Some qualified CAs will work for a salary equal to graduates.

Here are some figures related to candidates applied and selected in campus placement:
(refer page 29 of Annual report 2015-16)

Registered Recruited Percentage
August - Sept 2015 7358 1231
February- March 2016 5961 1314
TOTAL 13319 2545 19%
So almost all students passed in final 15-16 applied to campus interview but only 19% got the job in campus placement.

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Purpose of Life

Have you ever wondered why we are here or who we are or what is the purpose of our lives?
Most of us have least once

Different religions give different kind of reasons and stories for human origin.
But the truth is one... (No I am not telling the truth because I don't know about the origin)

The only thing I can talk about is purpose of human life.

Why human beings are here or why they exist?
Answer is another question:  Why other living beings exist?
Logical answer is to keep us in existence. To make the earth a living planet.

 If you think your existence is important, existence of other life forms is also important. We all are important to each other so that earth can sustain life.
All living beings are netted together, we all are here because the planet has sustainable environment. Do you think nature differentiate between us and other living creatures?
Every living being is equally important to nature irrespective of physical size, form or intelligence.
The energy called nature has given us and other living beings, all the resources and ways to sustain.

These are no definitely the reason to exist:
We are not here to explore moon or mars, why would god (I would rather call it a energy that runs the world) want us to go to the mars, Didn’t he himself has no knowledge of moon or mars? Why would god want our help? He doesn't. We are doing it out of curiosity without applying logic. We can't even handle our planet in proper way.

Why would the GOD want us to discover car, plane or spaceship? Doesn’t he himself able to travel from one place to other on his own?

Why would GOD want us to cut trees or kill animals? Does he think human will earn more for him than other animal? And what would GOD do that with that money (donated at temple or church), will live luxury life, buy a big house or car?  The deeper I think, I laugh a little more than before.

Sometimes I feel, the more knowledge we are gaining the more we are exploiting the planet and living & non living resources. We have developed new ways to ruin the environment and life form. Bigger machines, advanced technology, more dependent life on machine, more radiation, more pollution, more global warming.

Life exists to give life to our kind and keep other life forms in existence together with keeping the planet a favourable place to live. We are supposed to behave like humans if we are born as humans, most intelligent and most helpful creature on the planet.

Sunday, 22 May 2016


Here are few words threaded together from my diary:

भागे थे किसी ओर, और लौटे थे वहीं,

जब ढूंड हे नही रहे थे कुछ तो कैसे मिलेगा कहीं|

कहा था मेरे अंतर्मन ने जो मेने सुना नही,

शायद अँधा था में कुछ यू की खुद हे खुद को दिखा नही|

तलाशता रहा में मुझ को मुझी में,

कभी बेसूध था में कभी था सुध में|

जो खुद से हे किए तहे मेने वादे कभी,

कुछ निभाए कुछ तोड़ दिए तहे तभी,

जब मुड़ना था कही ओर, घूमे तहे किसी ओर,

पता नही चल कब गयी रात कब गयी भोर|

फ़ैसले भी हमने कुछ ऐसे किए तहे,

जख्म किसी और ने नही, हमने हे खुद पर किए थे

ज़िंदगी की राहो में यू चल रहे तहे,

सुलझे तहे कही उलझ कहीं गये तहे|

लोग होते थे खुश कभी हमसे मिलने पर,

अब हम खुद हे थे नाराज़ खुद से आईना दिखने पर|

फलसफा ज़िंदगी का क्यू था समझ ना आया,

जो चीज़ें ना थी हमारे लिए उन्ही से था मॅन लगाया|

जीत की खुशी होती नही, हार का गम नही होता,

खुशी से थोड़ी दूर हैं रास्ते, इस बात का भी अब दुख नही होता|

मुश्किल ह समझना अंतर मॅन को, सोचो चाहे जितना भी,

तोड़ता ह दुनिया से और कमभक्त जोड़ देता ह कभी भी|


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Saturday, 11 July 2015

SCAMS on olx, quikr and other sites

You can use translate option to read in hindi ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>

I don't know how many of the people reading this, have already got scammed on olx, quikr or other sites but I am sure that this is going to be useful to everybody.
These sites are easy platform for selling and buying things but for most of the people these sites are good platform to commit frauds. Due to easy sign ups, vast reach and no personal verification most of the people gets trapped in scams.
These sites harvest monetary and other losses after a crop of well planned and executed scams.

Fake buyers, fake sellers (wastes time) are common but also their are some people who tries to defraud other people in monetary terms.

I found on internet that sellers got scammed by fake cheques against their products, buyers got scammed by fake or faulty products.

Most of the scams are planned for vehicle transactions, the vehicle you buy on internet may be of theft or may be a part of illegal activity.
Even the car dealers sell their product representing them as true owner / first owner of the vehicle, such vehicles are generally of outside city and may be involved in illegal activities.

After reading a lot on internet and own experience, here are some important points to buy a vehicle:

1. Avoid buying outside city registered vehicles.
2. Search the contact number provided with the listing on internet / google.
3. If you find the contact number listed for any other vehicle, the seller is a dealer.
4. They represent themselves as true owner or relative of owner.
5. Always check the ID proof of the person, you meet with the vehicle (seller or buyer).
6. Always ask for original papers (registration and insurance).
7. Do not take any excuses for point 5 and 6.
8. Do not final the deal on the same day / don't pay any advance on same day. (Do not be greedy for an awesome deal, take time)
9. Search about the person on facebook and other social networking sites.
10. Ask the person to make the deal at his / her home or office.
11. Also you have to check other technical points to buy a vehicle (test drive, engine, mechanical testing etc.)

Note: Prefer buying old cars from company registered dealers (true value, advantage, first choice, etc.) It is a fact that these are costly than olx or quikr listings but are more authentic and reliable.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Compaq Presario c707tu

The Audio Driver of Compaq Presario C707TU:

1.Download read me first.
2.Then Microsoft UAA Bus
3.At lask the audio.rar
4. Extract the audio.rar and install the driver.

Read me file:Link
Microsoft UAA Bus (Click Download): Link2
Click to visit link:Link to Audio.rar

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

ICAI Imp Stats (13-14)

I was searching for annual report for year ending 2014-15 but found report for 2013-14 of ICAI.

Annual report 2013-14: (Before going through the report you are requested to read imp points)
Part 1
Part 2

There are few important  things I want to share before you go through the annual report:
1.      On 31st March 2013 there were 2, 17,106 CA members of ICAI.
2.      During year 2013-14, the number of newly qualified CAs is 12,573 (i.e. May 13 + Nov 2013)
3.      And this brings total members as on 31st March 2014 to 2, 29,679.

(For reference see page 10 of 40 total pages of Part 2 of annual report )

Out of these total 2,29,679 : 
Members in Practice (full+ Part): 112324
Members not in practice (either in employment or involved in business): 117355
Some people would say that this total 229679 is not a big number but even this number is not getting employed as whole.

Here is campus placement data for May 13 & November 13:
In November 13, students appeared for campus placement were 2600, out of which only 700 were offered job.
In May 13, students registered for campus placement were 4150 but only 685 jobs were offered, i.e. only 16.5% students got jobs in campus.

(You can refer page 39 of 50 pages of Part 1 of annual report )

There are many jobs on job portals like, but most of them are for experienced members or they offer very less than expected salary (excuse given by them is you are fresher).

One month has passed since year 2014-15 has ended but the annual report is not available yet because ICAI is waiting for employment updates from candidates and candidates are waiting for employment. Also the institute is required to get the accounts audited and the same will take time.

My calculation says this year (14-15), the no. of CAs passed are more than previous number 12,573.
And condition is worse with no suitable jobs for freshers.

{The total number of members as on 1st april 2016 is 253,337. The annual report for 15-16 is given below, see page 56 to know total number of members and details }
Annual report 15-16