Friday, 11 July 2014

Buying online myths and reality

Buying online
Where do you prefer to buy from?....Market or Online.
Just one year before, I found most of the people hesitant to buy stuff from online sites, especially in non metro cities.
But as the surveys and reports says ‘buyers interested in online shopping have increased’.

People have misconceptions/myths related to online shopping like:

·         It is completely risky & unsecured transaction.
·         Quality of items available online is always low.
·         Returns are not accepted.
·         Prices are high as compared to market.
·         Product available online are without warranty.


·         Most of the sites (e.g. flipkart, amazon, snapdeal, shopclues, ebay etc.) provide secure transactions. Money is transferred to seller only after successful delivery of the item to buyer after 2days or as per policy of website.
You can claim refund as and when you receive the product and find it unsatisfactory.
Claim refund through ‘contact us’, write mail to site, use ‘claim refund’ button etc. do not claim refund through feedback.

·         Quality of items is same as available in market. In fact those people who are in online business for long time gives priority to the same for better feedback. What you have to do is ‘Just before buying any doubtful product search about it on google.’

·         Returns are accepted on most of the sites mentioned above except ebay. On ebay there are few sellers who deny returns due to quality or warranty issues. If you are buying from ebay, you can search the item on google to check whether it is eligible for sale in India or not.
If other sites as amazon, snapdeal & flipkart are showing the same item, it is eligible otherwise it may be an illegitimate imported product.
·         On internet & online sites you can find the best prices in the country.

·         The manufacture warranty is same as you get in the market (for example on phones 1 year warranty both in market & online sites). Just read the warranty & conditions for warranty mentioned on site for particular product. Read carefully if you are buying from ebay. On ebay most of sellers provide sellers warranty instead of manufacturer in case of imported products.

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