Wednesday, 6 May 2015

ICAI Imp Stats (13-14)

I was searching for annual report for year ending 2014-15 but found report for 2013-14 of ICAI.

Annual report 2013-14: (Before going through the report you are requested to read imp points)
Part 1
Part 2

There are few important  things I want to share before you go through the annual report:
1.      On 31st March 2013 there were 2, 17,106 CA members of ICAI.
2.      During year 2013-14, the number of newly qualified CAs is 12,573 (i.e. May 13 + Nov 2013)
3.      And this brings total members as on 31st March 2014 to 2, 29,679.

(For reference see page 10 of 40 total pages of Part 2 of annual report )

Out of these total 2,29,679 : 
Members in Practice (full+ Part): 112324
Members not in practice (either in employment or involved in business): 117355
Some people would say that this total 229679 is not a big number but even this number is not getting employed as whole.

Here is campus placement data for May 13 & November 13:
In November 13, students appeared for campus placement were 2600, out of which only 700 were offered job.
In May 13, students registered for campus placement were 4150 but only 685 jobs were offered, i.e. only 16.5% students got jobs in campus.

(You can refer page 39 of 50 pages of Part 1 of annual report )

There are many jobs on job portals like, but most of them are for experienced members or they offer very less than expected salary (excuse given by them is you are fresher).

One month has passed since year 2014-15 has ended but the annual report is not available yet because ICAI is waiting for employment updates from candidates and candidates are waiting for employment. Also the institute is required to get the accounts audited and the same will take time.

My calculation says this year (14-15), the no. of CAs passed are more than previous number 12,573.
And condition is worse with no suitable jobs for freshers.

{The total number of members as on 1st april 2016 is 253,337. The annual report for 15-16 is given below, see page 56 to know total number of members and details }
Annual report 15-16

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