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The Hell “Articleship”

As I promised to post something about articleship in my previous posts here I undertake to unveil the layers and also the alternatives for better future.

In CA course the things that matters are the experience, skill, work & specialization whereas the institute is known to give degrees to those people who can stick to the books and write in exams. Institute has just inserted the article ship in the course and it thinks that the job is done.

If we talk about articleship the first thing we can figure which is attached to it is exploitation. Articles are being exploited and they don’t have much rights to oppose the same. The principles (CAs) are powered with their superiority and have all the rights over their articles.

Although Chartered accountant Act exists but no one cares what it says. Articles are being used for personal purposes while the act says it is against ethical code of conduct.

According to me there are two main purposes to introduce Articleship :
Firstly, two give practical knowledge to the students and
Second purpose was to provide low cost staff to CA firms (practicing units).

The second purpose has been accomplished fully but the first one is still in its way (not just because of practicing CAs or small size of their firm or limited work available with them but dummy articles are equally responsible).

Articles are entitled to get a fixed stipend for 3 years years but how many CAs pays it to the articles, the answer is very few (especially in non metro cities). CAs may show the stipend expense in the books but actually the money is paid by cheque and taken back as unaccounted CASH, again violation of ethical codes.
 Institute has itself fixed a nominal amount of stipend (Rs. 1000 in initial year) and the practicing units have problem in even paying that.
They get an auditor, a driver with his own vehicle, a helper official as well as personal, a return preparer, an overtime employee, a report maker, a tax advisor, an accountant, a client support personnel, an assistant, a tour maker etc. in ONE ARTICLE for just RS. 1000……..even then an article stand nowhere….thats  what I call HELL. (Few of above are against professional ethics)

To take single day leave in articleship is not easy, no excuses, no reasons, nothing works.
Articles are being used as accountants and they remain accountant for major part or whole of the articleship.

 I have experienced during my articleship that :
easy targets are the easy victims.

Make yourself stand on a position in the organization where no one can consider you a easy target to exploit. Have your own and different opinion wherever possible. Be confident when it comes to ethics. The better you understand good and bad better it is. Listen to everyone but do what you consider beneficial for you and your future. Place your point of view among others not as compulsion but as better and beneficial option.
Any how a person must have practical knowledge of the field and articleship is one of the way to gain basic knowledge, an article must know how to handle different situations but at the same time be vigilant that your hard work don’t get exploited.

You may or may not have a successful career ahead till you know the work of the field, you belong to.
JUST “CA” before the name is not enough.
Good marks don’t always guarantee success or specialization of a field or the fact that the person can actually work in practical situations.

What I have learnt:
 “ Go for maximum work experience, professionalization in  field and everything else related to personality”
“Most of the people focuses on studies only but just studying will not fetch the job satisfaction.”
“Good opportunity are embedded in the skill and expertise”

One must complete articleship for two years and go for industrial training in last year, you may have to leave an attempt of ca final but the training worth it. The training will provide experience of industry and a guaranteed job satisfaction in future. Generally, the person having experience & industrial training is paid more and gets job earlier than a CA in first attempt.

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