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Industrial Training

The last year of articleship can be converted to the best part of your articleship as well as initial step to work for the industry with vast career opportunities.
But only few of the students are aware of industrial training, and it is like they have diamond in their hand without knowing that it is actually real & precious.

Major cities in India have organizations eligible to provide industrial training including some big players of Indian economy and job providers.

Here is link showing list:

At present the results for CA final is at very low percentage. Few years back in November 2007 the percentage was very high i.e about 28%. After the result of Nov. 2013 declaration ICAI president claimed that students have scored what they have done in exams. Now a clarification is required “Were the students appeared in 2007 born with some special powers?” ….no definitely not, it was the institute which must have up scaled the marks and blessed the students unnecessarily.

I don’t have any problem with the result percentage but institute must think about students also, if they want to control the quality or quantity, it should be done at IPCC level. At the level of CA final and completion of 3 years articleship it is difficult for all students to leave the CA course and search for other dimensions or alternatives. But the institute is only thinking of fees and free labour.

So, till the institute starts thinking about students, they have to think for themselves. I believe only the best students will be able to get industrial training and the chance to have experience that would decide their future in the field.

Believe me or you can ask any CA (not the one who is in practice)…..
 “whether to go for industrial training or not?”
I don’t want any of the reader to lose the opportunity of industrial training as I did.

You will learn more / earn more / get more exposure / able to enhance your knowledge base / increase the chances for better job.

You may have to leave your first attempt but passing CA in first attempt has nothing to do with a good job. You need to have work experience and knowledge for better job opportunity.

Know about industrial training (under regulation 51 & 72): (click the links below)
Note: Intimate your principal before 3 months from commencement of industrial training. 

I don’t think any principal has the guts to say no for industrial training. In case of exception you can contact institute.
 In the end, I would give my opinion to definitely go for industrial training and enhance the chances to become a successful and satisfied CA.

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