Tuesday, 24 March 2015

CA Final Nov 2014

I was waiting for the exact number of candidates, who became CAs in Nov 2014 but no exact figures available yet.
Nobody had expected such a result:
8.23% in both grps i.e.2983 CAs
23% approx in I grp i.e. about 15000
10% in II grp i.e. about 7000 cadidates

Now, you can guess yourself how much of the candidates, who cleared 1st or 2nd grp have completed CA final this time.
I guess atleast 5 to 6 thousand out of total 22000. So total CAs goes to 8  to 9000 in nov 2014, exact figure may even go higher. (will be updated soon)

Now the main problem, candidates are facing is temporary unemployment and lower salary package. And most of the companies are seeking for post qualification experience, 3 years articleship doesnt matters to them.

Those who decided to undertake industrial training are eating the cream, also some of those who snatched merit are having its advantage.

To score merit is not in your hands but everybody can try to go for industrial training and thats why i recommended to go for industrial training in previous posts.

I can not comment on the result percantage this time, its for benefit of more students but the market will take time to absorb the all of them.

Institute must take some reasonable steps to keep check on unemployed members after the campus placement. Something new that may provide improvement in skills must be undertaken, practical & professional training must be undertaken so that profession remains a benchmark.

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