Saturday, 20 December 2014

Other side of government

When BJP was elected people were dreaming of better future, better foreign policies and good internal environment in the country.
But now after a time more than six months if we evaluate the work, what we find is some foolish statements, incomplete & inaccurate policies and the controversial thinking of hindu nation.

The fact that people of bangladesh have been entering  Indian  territory through 'unauthorized means' is now  ignored and government instead of applying restrictions, dealing the situation with the practice of religion conversion.
Why don't the people following RSS and its thoughts, understand that converting a person from muslim to hindu will not change his size, character or behavior.

The only thing happening is that we are giving licence to share the land, water, food, employment and other resources to unauthorized people forever. This process is not in favour of nation.

The man whose face is used in all BJP elections whether assembly or loksabha, believes in eliminating law and not in favour of enactment of new law but is it really possible to run a nation without law. And most irritating part is that many fools in audience clapped on that.
' I mean who would stop at red light signal, if law is silent'
He should stop making statement like that and should try to run the nation with help of law and not with RSS thought stream.

Nation and its security is important before anything else.
Everybody wants audience to clap on their "Bhashan" but content included therein should make sense, especially when you are talking about Prime Minister.

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