Friday, 3 April 2015

Slow Computer problems and solutions

If you often feel that your computer is running slow, check following:

Hardware Related (Physical Components)

Do you think your friend's or relative's computer is running faster OR
noticed that your computer hardware is old?
If yes--> You need to upgrade your hardware with new processor, motherboard or RAM.

Have you noticed any voltage or electrical disturbances?
If yes--> Use stabilizer or UPS.

Noticed any "beep" sound or heating issues or CPU cooling fan related problem?
If yes---> Contact hardware support personnel/ hardware engineer.

Only buy good quality hardware whether expensive or cheap, some known brands are Intel, AMD, Gigabyte, Seagate, Samsung etc. Always ask for original hardware component not for cheap.
Cheap component works but they are slow, have compatibility issues and often fails.

Software Related (Operating system) [For Windows]

Do you think you have too much icons / folders on desktop?
If yes--> You should not keep huge size folders (more than 30 mb) on desktop, move them to another                partition.
               Avoid keeping much icons on desktop, access the programs through start menu instead of                    having on desktop.

Do you have good antivirus software installed and updated?
If No--> Install a good antivirus program like Norton, Quick Heal, Guardian etc. with subscription &               key to update regularly. Just installing antivirus is not enough, update it regularly.

Noticed that you have too much unnecessary software and programs installed?
If yes---> Go to control panel and uninstall any unnecessary or outdated software.
                And also if you have 2-3 versions of same program installed, keep only one.

Do you regularly check for errors on the C: drive?
If No---> Go to my computer, right click C: drive, choose properties option, new dialog box appears,                 select tools tab, in error checking select 'check now', it will ask to schedule the checking                       next time you restart the computer.
                When you restart the computer it will check for errors, don't skip the step.

Have you recently de-fragmented your hard drive?
If No---> Do it now, go to control panel , search for "Defragment" in search box on top right corner,                   now results shows Administrative tools along with 'defragment your hard drive', click it,                     new window appears, select the drive then analyze it and defragment if required.

Other Suggestions:

Only Install compatible software and operating system on your hardware. Every software has minimum system requirements check the same before installation.

If you are still facing problem best solution is back up your data then format & reinstall your operating system with recovery disk or new disc.

Note: You are free to write query/suggestions/doubts as comment.

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