Saturday, 11 July 2015

SCAMS on olx, quikr and other sites

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I don't know how many of the people reading this, have already got scammed on olx, quikr or other sites but I am sure that this is going to be useful to everybody.
These sites are easy platform for selling and buying things but for most of the people these sites are good platform to commit frauds. Due to easy sign ups, vast reach and no personal verification most of the people gets trapped in scams.
These sites harvest monetary and other losses after a crop of well planned and executed scams.

Fake buyers, fake sellers (wastes time) are common but also their are some people who tries to defraud other people in monetary terms.

I found on internet that sellers got scammed by fake cheques against their products, buyers got scammed by fake or faulty products.

Most of the scams are planned for vehicle transactions, the vehicle you buy on internet may be of theft or may be a part of illegal activity.
Even the car dealers sell their product representing them as true owner / first owner of the vehicle, such vehicles are generally of outside city and may be involved in illegal activities.

After reading a lot on internet and own experience, here are some important points to buy a vehicle:

1. Avoid buying outside city registered vehicles.
2. Search the contact number provided with the listing on internet / google.
3. If you find the contact number listed for any other vehicle, the seller is a dealer.
4. They represent themselves as true owner or relative of owner.
5. Always check the ID proof of the person, you meet with the vehicle (seller or buyer).
6. Always ask for original papers (registration and insurance).
7. Do not take any excuses for point 5 and 6.
8. Do not final the deal on the same day / don't pay any advance on same day. (Do not be greedy for an awesome deal, take time)
9. Search about the person on facebook and other social networking sites.
10. Ask the person to make the deal at his / her home or office.
11. Also you have to check other technical points to buy a vehicle (test drive, engine, mechanical testing etc.)

Note: Prefer buying old cars from company registered dealers (true value, advantage, first choice, etc.) It is a fact that these are costly than olx or quikr listings but are more authentic and reliable.