Thursday, 30 April 2015

No Boot Sector on Internal Hard Drive

Solution to “No boot sector found on internal hard drive”

One thing that I noticed on internet is that this problem is faced by many of people.

Problem/Error: No boot sector found on internal hard drive”

Cause of the problem: Unformatted or new hard disk.
Some people may think that there is some problem with their laptop or new hard disk but the issue is common. As the hard disk is not yet formatted and partitions are not made for operating system, the boot sector is absent.

Solution to the problem: Install operating system and make partitions to your hard drive.

Now if your computer is showing another error “No bootable devices found…………” make sure following:
1.       In BIOS setup (Press F2) you have CD/DVD drive as priority for Bootable devices.
2.       The installation CD/DVD Disc you are using has no scratches.

Even after following the above steps if the problem persist, you should use a bootable USB flash/pen drive to install operating system.
It is the ultimate solution to the problem and way to install operating system. It has always worked.

As I have noticed the problem is most common in Dell laptops and even the customer assistance is unable to tell the solution, I recommend to use USB flash/pen drive for installation.

A bootable flash/pen drive is a flash drive that has installation files of operating system along with boot files and it works as installation disc for operating system. It installs operating system on hard disk just like installation disc.

Search the internet for utility programs to make bootable flash drive .And obviously you need another PC to make bootable flash drive.

Now put the bootable drive in laptop and this time you have to make sure that USB external drive is now in bootable device priority in BIOS setup.
Just go to BIOS press F2 for setup and set USB drive as first boot device. Disable hard drive from boot priority.

As and when installation of operating system completes and system restarts, again enter BIOS setup to change Hard disk as first boot device.

This time your computer will definitely boot from Hard disk.

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