Monday, 9 January 2017

ICAI stats (year 15-16)

People frequently asks or want to know about the total members of ICAI, so here I am updating the important figures below:

Total members as on 1st April 2016: 253,337 
(you may refer page 56 Annual report 2015-16)
It doesn't look like a huge figure but it is actually a big figure, when we have to keep CA profession and their future in contrast.

New members registered during 2015-16: 13,363
During 2014-15 , new members registered were : 10,295
( refer page 85 of annual report of ICAI ) - Annual Report 2014-15
So, more students in CA finals 2016 have passed as compared to previous year.

Members not in practice on 31st march 2016: 132,697
As on 1 april, 2015, the non practice members were: 124,434
So the non practice members added during 15-16 were : 8263 (62% of total passed)

Now, the fact here is that sufficient jobs will not be there to accommodate passed students and all jobs produced during 2015-16 won't offer average salary of 5-6 lakhs. Some qualified CAs will work for a salary equal to graduates.

Here are some figures related to candidates applied and selected in campus placement:
(refer page 29 of Annual report 2015-16)

Registered Recruited Percentage
August - Sept 2015 7358 1231
February- March 2016 5961 1314
TOTAL 13319 2545 19%
So almost all students passed in final 15-16 applied to campus interview but only 19% got the job in campus placement.

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