Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Recently, the results of election polls were announced , BJP easily got the government in 3 states.

But the interesting result was for DELHI, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) emerged as game changer. It changed the game for BJP, as if it were not there BJP would have clinched the govt. from Congress easily.
But now the Bhartiya Janta Party is not able to prove majority over seats (It got 32 seats out of 70).

On one side Congress is crying over spill milk, the other side BJP is not in a position to decide whether to take support from other party or not to make government in Delhi.

People have proved that there was a vaccum in the political system for another party that was filled by AAP.
But the question is.... are there some more fools in the public who does not want to change the current political system as they voted max. to BJP.

I found some people saying that we have voted to that party because the party will win,
who the hell are you to decide who will win. Some people have made the greatest power (VOTE) a joke.
They either vote on sick terms or because of others influence.

There are some selfish thoughts in the mind which forces the people to take the wrong steps.
To vote and form govt. is national matter and decisions are to be taken considering the welfare of public and country.
People must come together for welfare of nation rather than individual / community interest.

Lets hope for the best and the winds to change.

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Today, read in newspaper about Supreme Court’s decision to enact “Right to reject”.
This is a historical decision to change the structure of current politics in India. 

Another major thing I read is that Congress is itself opposing the amendment proposal “To Allow the convicted candidates to fight election”. What I can say is that they have “A Good sense of humor”. Their unwise  decisions to the changing environment makes people laugh.
The dissatisfaction is shown at the time when president was against to sign the amendment before it get is applied.
Congress and BJP both are presently representing them against the issue of “allowing the convicts to fight election” but the past records of the political parties whether above mentioned or others , shows that all are same and as they become ruling party, will try find some way to make their criminal friends allow to fight election.

Coming back to right to reject, I think everyone:
 who is not willing to vote Or voting any party without thinking,
To choose right to vote is best way to show the aggression towards the system & politicians.
At the time when current prime minister has lost the power to choose between right & wrong, Supreme Court & President has shown the fact that democracy is still alive.

Although the candidate with highest votes will still win despite of RIGHT TO REJECT therefore somewhere it has less impact on the election results.
But it has given a possibility for amendment in future.

One thing I came to know about “right to reject” is that initially it will be exercised by Form 49O and factually there is no form but the voter has to register him as “voting for none of the above” option in the register available at polling booth. The button in the end of Electronic voting machine will not be available initially in the upcoming elections.

There is a fixed qualification for everything even a clerk in office has to pass some exams and interviews to get job. But the loop holes are clearly evident in the system allowing any murderer, kidnapper, illiterate, fool, selfish person to fight election.
Those blood sucking insects bring disrepute to the community, state, country and humanity.

Most of the people think that presence of such people in the politics does not affects them but no matter how rich you are,
 no matter the post you have in any organisation,
no matter which religion or caste you belong
at last you have to share same roads, same air, same national security, same national development and same environment.


Monday, 19 August 2013


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The answer is very simple the one who is better (for people) among all other worst.

Almost everybody in case of each political party thinks of himself before the people. Most of the politicians have chosen to become a politician so that he or she can increase swiss bank balances.

Nobody is concerned about the country even the common man. I have heard about many people who vote for a candidate in exchange of a wine bottle or Rs.500 note. These fools not even know of “what a vote costs”.


And the same people suffer when the candidate wins. They choose wine for a day and poverty for rest of the life. Such kind of people doesn’t deserve to even vote.
Some other classes of voters are also there:
  Voting on basis on caste
  Voting on basis of religion
  Voting on basis of friendship
Voting , just because they know the candidate

WHO the hell votes for the sake of humanity or NATION….?

Vote a person who will benefit all (not just one cast or religion), vote a person who is a better human, who can take a stand against his own people if they are wrong, who thinks about nation before anything else.

I agree that to find such person is almost impossible, so you better vote that one mentioned on top of this page.
If you cant vote for such person, DO NOT VOTE   ( it would be in public interest)..
IF you cannot find GOD better find a HUMAN than a DAEMON…

Friday, 12 July 2013



I dont know, would it be good to say something true about the country that is bitter..

People always talks about positive side..but 
it is necessary to consider negative side to change it  
I felt it necessary to be known.....
I belong to ...a country of different colors, religion, people...
Country of wonders ....
Country of thousands of gods known...Country of mythological stories...
Country of great archaeology....

Country of geniuses who works for other countries.....
We could have a country of big software companies....
Could have a country of world class medical facilities.....
But we are known for brain drain...

In our country criminals are treated in two ways :
1.Some are kept in jail...
2.And rest are known as leaders and allowed to play with the laws, rules and economy...
(Group of such leaders are known as political party)

A country where everyone complains but no one tries to solve the problems.....
(if we talk about today even i am one of them although i am trying not to be)

A part of land is not known as country....But the civilization makes a land....Country..

"Country is not good or bad...But the citizens and their thinking are..."

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Lets get started !

Lets get started !

Have Heard these word many times before?

Here these words are different.........
A question ..........why we are born/ what is the aim of life? .............................No one knows exactly why...
We choose an aim as the time passes but exactly no one knows the purpose of life....
"The world is fast ......the time is fast.....we grow and learn and sets an aim as the time passes...."

Most of us ....follow others (actors, sportsperson, politicians, businessmen etc.)......

But how many of us gives themselves a chance to be the one who is born to be followed...not to follow...
How many of us listen to themselves instead of listening to others....
Very few of us....

Why we don't have time for ourselves......Why can't we give few minutes to think of ourselves...
("At this point some people would say we do think of ourselves, our family, our friends........")

This is not enough..........Give the time to the best in you...
People can earn money , people can get extensively educated...., people can earn fame....
but they are not able to earn aim 
(AIM can not be earned it can only be achieved)

We look at others .....gets effected ....starts following the aim of others  ("we try to earn it")

Set your AIM  & then the way..............     TO ACHIEVE IT

For those who believe in GOD-
" GOD has given us brain, but not the way & purpose to use it"

Businessmen uses it to make MONEY....
Politicians uses it rob the NATION.......
Actors/ Singers uses it for ENTERTAINMENT......
Pandits / Sadhus/ Babas uses it to FOOL people.....
Social workers uses it for LIFE of others.......

Lets ignore the words in "RED".....
Lets find best in ourselves.....
Lets be the one who has own thoughts......
Lets be the one who is followed....
Lets not listen to others.......