Sunday, 5 June 2016

Purpose of Life

Have you ever wondered why we are here or who we are or what is the purpose of our lives?
Most of us have least once

Different religions give different kind of reasons and stories for human origin.
But the truth is one... (No I am not telling the truth because I don't know about the origin)

The only thing I can talk about is purpose of human life.

Why human beings are here or why they exist?
Answer is another question:  Why other living beings exist?
Logical answer is to keep us in existence. To make the earth a living planet.

 If you think your existence is important, existence of other life forms is also important. We all are important to each other so that earth can sustain life.
All living beings are netted together, we all are here because the planet has sustainable environment. Do you think nature differentiate between us and other living creatures?
Every living being is equally important to nature irrespective of physical size, form or intelligence.
The energy called nature has given us and other living beings, all the resources and ways to sustain.

These are no definitely the reason to exist:
We are not here to explore moon or mars, why would god (I would rather call it a energy that runs the world) want us to go to the mars, Didn’t he himself has no knowledge of moon or mars? Why would god want our help? He doesn't. We are doing it out of curiosity without applying logic. We can't even handle our planet in proper way.

Why would the GOD want us to discover car, plane or spaceship? Doesn’t he himself able to travel from one place to other on his own?

Why would GOD want us to cut trees or kill animals? Does he think human will earn more for him than other animal? And what would GOD do that with that money (donated at temple or church), will live luxury life, buy a big house or car?  The deeper I think, I laugh a little more than before.

Sometimes I feel, the more knowledge we are gaining the more we are exploiting the planet and living & non living resources. We have developed new ways to ruin the environment and life form. Bigger machines, advanced technology, more dependent life on machine, more radiation, more pollution, more global warming.

Life exists to give life to our kind and keep other life forms in existence together with keeping the planet a favourable place to live. We are supposed to behave like humans if we are born as humans, most intelligent and most helpful creature on the planet.