Wednesday, 15 January 2014


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Result is important day for every person who gives exam.
It is more important when it is "CA final result"...

Today ICAI announced CA final nov 2013 results which shocked me and other students as well.
Just 3.11% result for both groups....(and as far as I know it is not quality control)...

No transparency in the process, no clues about qualification of the checking personnel, some people have been downscaled with more than 50% from the expected score, some people that I personally know who are ineligible to become a CA have cleared .....what we can see is ”BLOODY LOTTERY SYSTEM”....or First IN First OUT....

I am unable to figure out that what ICAI wants...more than 10% result in some attempts then trimmed to 3% in next...If institute wants to maintain quality control why it is not seen in all exams...

Now lets see other side of profession:
Why some CA not even know difference between WIP in stock and WIP in capital assets...
Why some of them are not aware of things that are to be treated as inventory....
Why some CA are working for less than Rs20000 per month...
Why some people become CA without having practical knowledge...
Why in some CA firms....articles are teaching new CAs...
Where the hell is quality control..?????

It is easy for institute to pass candidates under control in CA final exams but even this exam does not have quality control..what 3.11% result shows is quantity control.

What I have heard is “what percentage of result institute has to announce  is pre decided and only officials at higher level has information of same.

I am not saying this is not proper way “OK they want to control quantity of CAs” but why this is not done along with quality control..

I have some questions/suggestion:

Have exams of CAs members on regular intervals of 2-3 years to check the quality, temporary withdraw their membership to check “Quantity”.
Do that annoying downscaling there.

Even lazy and corrupt govt. Departments are known for their internal exams for promotion..why institute does not organize same to promote a member from ACA to FCA..”Have that quality control at this stage also”...

WHATEVER I have mentioned is completely logical and practical....

a)     A doctor studies MBBS , surgery procedures , human body etc. it works for entire life.
b)    An architect having knowledge of his field, is useful for his entire life without any change in rules.
c)     Engineer study Law of Physics, chemistry that cannot be changed till end of world.

But in life of CA corporate laws changes or amends, Tax laws changes every year, even new methods of accounting are introduced frequently in Guidance notes...
“THAT means quality and quantity control is important even after someone becomes CA member”

Now only institute can answer or debate on this matter why the qu a n t i ty control is suffered by CA Final students only..
Why they do not maintain quality with quantity..


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Monday, 13 January 2014

CA FINAL previous years papers


You need to have winrar, microsoft office and a pdf reader:
Previous papers with suggested answers:

1996-2002.... LINK- :!107&authkey=!ALAAAPk-z_Drr60&ithint=file%2c.rar


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Saturday, 4 January 2014

CA as Career

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CA (Chartered accountant) profession is counted as one of the most rapidly rising profession in India.
But how many people consult a current student before joining it as profession.

Students and their parents, find it a reputed and an area consisting good money.
Students in their final year (12th) of schooling joins it presuming they will earn 5-6 lakhs easily, some of them thinks even bigger.
But the truth is little different.

Not everyone opting CA profession gets a pay of 5-6 lakhs...I have seen many of friends struggling to get a job even after scoring 480+ out of 800 in final exams...
The people getting 8 lacs or more are generally posted to areas like Jharkhand, Orissa, remote areas in Tamil Nadu etc.

More the people (candidates)..searching for the job ...less the pay (popularly known as package)..

One more truth that is bitter is ARTICLESHIP (training period) after the IPCC...
 Articleship is declared HELL among the articles...

Not a big thing to clear..
If you fails CPT in 1st attempt I suggest not to proceed further...GO with CWA, CS, MBA or whatever you like..

Squeezes the hard worker from a student...
Many students opting CA leaves the profession at this stage...
Some takes 5 or more attempts to clear the same...(Rather they must go with some other career option)

Articleship (THE HELL)
The most hated stage in life of a CA student.
First of all its not easy now a days to get a CA to get registered under.
Luckily if someone gets registered, the CA employer may even make the student cry for leaves, conveyance, stipend etc.
Some CAs not even pays stipend to the articles, cheques are made to show bank account entry but the money is taken back in cash from the articled student.
"I think this post is not enough to describe article ship, i will make a separate post later."
(Refer Articleship post)

This stage requires mental as well as physical fitness...
Vast course , heavy modules requires regular study..
Above 90% students opts coaching for final exam during the articleship (which makes articleship worst)..
It is "BAAP" of IPCC not everyone who has cracked IPCC in first attempt can crack final in one try..

After all these stages what a person gets is 3.5-4 lakhs on an average (some are not even this lucky)..
Now a days almost more than 50% of commerce students gives a try to CA course...
Bulk of students, bulk of articles , bulk of CAs but limited jobs...( obviously no one is taking risk to start business or opt some other profession..)

"Consult a CA student you can trust before opting CA as career or just believe me"
(Refer ICAI stats 2015-16)

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