Thursday, 30 April 2015

No Boot Sector on Internal Hard Drive

Solution to “No boot sector found on internal hard drive”

One thing that I noticed on internet is that this problem is faced by many of people.

Problem/Error: No boot sector found on internal hard drive”

Cause of the problem: Unformatted or new hard disk.
Some people may think that there is some problem with their laptop or new hard disk but the issue is common. As the hard disk is not yet formatted and partitions are not made for operating system, the boot sector is absent.

Solution to the problem: Install operating system and make partitions to your hard drive.

Now if your computer is showing another error “No bootable devices found…………” make sure following:
1.       In BIOS setup (Press F2) you have CD/DVD drive as priority for Bootable devices.
2.       The installation CD/DVD Disc you are using has no scratches.

Even after following the above steps if the problem persist, you should use a bootable USB flash/pen drive to install operating system.
It is the ultimate solution to the problem and way to install operating system. It has always worked.

As I have noticed the problem is most common in Dell laptops and even the customer assistance is unable to tell the solution, I recommend to use USB flash/pen drive for installation.

A bootable flash/pen drive is a flash drive that has installation files of operating system along with boot files and it works as installation disc for operating system. It installs operating system on hard disk just like installation disc.

Search the internet for utility programs to make bootable flash drive .And obviously you need another PC to make bootable flash drive.

Now put the bootable drive in laptop and this time you have to make sure that USB external drive is now in bootable device priority in BIOS setup.
Just go to BIOS press F2 for setup and set USB drive as first boot device. Disable hard drive from boot priority.

As and when installation of operating system completes and system restarts, again enter BIOS setup to change Hard disk as first boot device.

This time your computer will definitely boot from Hard disk.

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Sunday, 26 April 2015


What do you drink:
 water or religion, 
now decide what should come first?

People go by the rituals and customs instead of going by good or bad, this is what basic human behaviour is.

In India the above rule is more strong and rigid and examples are superstition, child marriages, people more closer to themselves and their families than the country, polluted rivers (e.g. Ganga, Yamuna) etc.

I have noticed there is something known as earth day, how many people care about that, even in India you can count those people in few hours, I always had concern about environment and people’s impact on it, so earth day doesn’t make any difference to me.

Now, I was telling about people and how they follow others, in India if we talk about most polluted rivers the first river that comes in mind is Yamuna, it is hard to even call it river as at some places it has bulk of harmful chemical foams floating and flying in air. World is worried about extinct & endangered animal species soon we would talk about extinct rivers.

Ganga, the holy river named after goddess Ganga known to wash away sins “Paap” , now requires a complete makeover & cleanover, govt says they have started cleaning programme with tonnes of money invested but even the supreme court commented that with this proposed plan it will take 200 years to clean the waters.

To pollute a holy river is itself a “Paap”, to kill people who are dependent on the water and the animals living in the water is a sin. So going to the river and washing body and naming it ‘washing sins’ is just like committing another big sin.

The government sucks as always and will always suck until a complete change over is done to mindset of politicians, but for the pollution of Ganga people are responsible not the politicians.

Why the people are dependent on a river to wash away their sins, why do they intentionally commit sins and why the hell they go to Ganga for a bath when they have showers at their home.

Here the first two lines of post holds right, people never think what they are doing, why they are doing & what they will actually get out of this, they just follow others, even those people who have spent several years to gain education, degrees, diploma etc.  in different fields get involved in this crazy polluting practice.

Now the irritating part is they wash their bodies, clothes ‘with soap & detergent’, they throw away flowers, ploythene & various other articles in the river, and nobody stops them from doing so, I have heard somewhere ‘shashtra’ says so,

but I don’t know about any stupid shashtra that says “Go and wash your body & other sh!*#t in the holy river, come on people jump in the river in lakhs together, throw away whatever you want to, ruin the river as much as you can, do sins regularly and come and wash here, let the river be a history but follow as the ‘shashtra’ says”.

Do you have answer to my question “Has God himself written the shashtra?”, if yes let me see the original first copy.

What kind of society, we are living with where people want luxurious cars, big houses, expensive phone & clothes but they don’t have brain with little logic. They commit sins to get these things and then visits Kedarnath, Badrinath, Varanasi etc. to wash away their “Paap”.

When we apply our brains in daily life, in feeding families, in business, why we people are so lame in applying that when it comes to some baseless rituals practices.
Earth and Environment are required for survival, not the religion or caste.

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Slow Computer problems and solutions

If you often feel that your computer is running slow, check following:

Hardware Related (Physical Components)

Do you think your friend's or relative's computer is running faster OR
noticed that your computer hardware is old?
If yes--> You need to upgrade your hardware with new processor, motherboard or RAM.

Have you noticed any voltage or electrical disturbances?
If yes--> Use stabilizer or UPS.

Noticed any "beep" sound or heating issues or CPU cooling fan related problem?
If yes---> Contact hardware support personnel/ hardware engineer.

Only buy good quality hardware whether expensive or cheap, some known brands are Intel, AMD, Gigabyte, Seagate, Samsung etc. Always ask for original hardware component not for cheap.
Cheap component works but they are slow, have compatibility issues and often fails.

Software Related (Operating system) [For Windows]

Do you think you have too much icons / folders on desktop?
If yes--> You should not keep huge size folders (more than 30 mb) on desktop, move them to another                partition.
               Avoid keeping much icons on desktop, access the programs through start menu instead of                    having on desktop.

Do you have good antivirus software installed and updated?
If No--> Install a good antivirus program like Norton, Quick Heal, Guardian etc. with subscription &               key to update regularly. Just installing antivirus is not enough, update it regularly.

Noticed that you have too much unnecessary software and programs installed?
If yes---> Go to control panel and uninstall any unnecessary or outdated software.
                And also if you have 2-3 versions of same program installed, keep only one.

Do you regularly check for errors on the C: drive?
If No---> Go to my computer, right click C: drive, choose properties option, new dialog box appears,                 select tools tab, in error checking select 'check now', it will ask to schedule the checking                       next time you restart the computer.
                When you restart the computer it will check for errors, don't skip the step.

Have you recently de-fragmented your hard drive?
If No---> Do it now, go to control panel , search for "Defragment" in search box on top right corner,                   now results shows Administrative tools along with 'defragment your hard drive', click it,                     new window appears, select the drive then analyze it and defragment if required.

Other Suggestions:

Only Install compatible software and operating system on your hardware. Every software has minimum system requirements check the same before installation.

If you are still facing problem best solution is back up your data then format & reinstall your operating system with recovery disk or new disc.

Note: You are free to write query/suggestions/doubts as comment.