Saturday, 11 July 2015

SCAMS on olx, quikr and other sites

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I don't know how many of the people reading this, have already got scammed on olx, quikr or other sites but I am sure that this is going to be useful to everybody.
These sites are easy platform for selling and buying things but for most of the people these sites are good platform to commit frauds. Due to easy sign ups, vast reach and no personal verification most of the people gets trapped in scams.
These sites harvest monetary and other losses after a crop of well planned and executed scams.

Fake buyers, fake sellers (wastes time) are common but also their are some people who tries to defraud other people in monetary terms.

I found on internet that sellers got scammed by fake cheques against their products, buyers got scammed by fake or faulty products.

Most of the scams are planned for vehicle transactions, the vehicle you buy on internet may be of theft or may be a part of illegal activity.
Even the car dealers sell their product representing them as true owner / first owner of the vehicle, such vehicles are generally of outside city and may be involved in illegal activities.

After reading a lot on internet and own experience, here are some important points to buy a vehicle:

1. Avoid buying outside city registered vehicles.
2. Search the contact number provided with the listing on internet / google.
3. If you find the contact number listed for any other vehicle, the seller is a dealer.
4. They represent themselves as true owner or relative of owner.
5. Always check the ID proof of the person, you meet with the vehicle (seller or buyer).
6. Always ask for original papers (registration and insurance).
7. Do not take any excuses for point 5 and 6.
8. Do not final the deal on the same day / don't pay any advance on same day. (Do not be greedy for an awesome deal, take time)
9. Search about the person on facebook and other social networking sites.
10. Ask the person to make the deal at his / her home or office.
11. Also you have to check other technical points to buy a vehicle (test drive, engine, mechanical testing etc.)

Note: Prefer buying old cars from company registered dealers (true value, advantage, first choice, etc.) It is a fact that these are costly than olx or quikr listings but are more authentic and reliable.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Compaq Presario c707tu

The Audio Driver of Compaq Presario C707TU:

1.Download read me first.
2.Then Microsoft UAA Bus
3.At lask the audio.rar
4. Extract the audio.rar and install the driver.

Read me file:Link
Microsoft UAA Bus (Click Download): Link2
Click to visit link:Link to Audio.rar

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

ICAI Imp Stats (13-14)

I was searching for annual report for year ending 2014-15 but found report for 2013-14 of ICAI.

Annual report 2013-14: (Before going through the report you are requested to read imp points)
Part 1
Part 2

There are few important  things I want to share before you go through the annual report:
1.      On 31st March 2013 there were 2, 17,106 CA members of ICAI.
2.      During year 2013-14, the number of newly qualified CAs is 12,573 (i.e. May 13 + Nov 2013)
3.      And this brings total members as on 31st March 2014 to 2, 29,679.

(For reference see page 10 of 40 total pages of Part 2 of annual report )

Out of these total 2,29,679 : 
Members in Practice (full+ Part): 112324
Members not in practice (either in employment or involved in business): 117355
Some people would say that this total 229679 is not a big number but even this number is not getting employed as whole.

Here is campus placement data for May 13 & November 13:
In November 13, students appeared for campus placement were 2600, out of which only 700 were offered job.
In May 13, students registered for campus placement were 4150 but only 685 jobs were offered, i.e. only 16.5% students got jobs in campus.

(You can refer page 39 of 50 pages of Part 1 of annual report )

There are many jobs on job portals like, but most of them are for experienced members or they offer very less than expected salary (excuse given by them is you are fresher).

One month has passed since year 2014-15 has ended but the annual report is not available yet because ICAI is waiting for employment updates from candidates and candidates are waiting for employment. Also the institute is required to get the accounts audited and the same will take time.

My calculation says this year (14-15), the no. of CAs passed are more than previous number 12,573.
And condition is worse with no suitable jobs for freshers.

{The total number of members as on 1st april 2016 is 253,337. The annual report for 15-16 is given below, see page 56 to know total number of members and details }
Annual report 15-16

Thursday, 30 April 2015

No Boot Sector on Internal Hard Drive

Solution to “No boot sector found on internal hard drive”

One thing that I noticed on internet is that this problem is faced by many of people.

Problem/Error: No boot sector found on internal hard drive”

Cause of the problem: Unformatted or new hard disk.
Some people may think that there is some problem with their laptop or new hard disk but the issue is common. As the hard disk is not yet formatted and partitions are not made for operating system, the boot sector is absent.

Solution to the problem: Install operating system and make partitions to your hard drive.

Now if your computer is showing another error “No bootable devices found…………” make sure following:
1.       In BIOS setup (Press F2) you have CD/DVD drive as priority for Bootable devices.
2.       The installation CD/DVD Disc you are using has no scratches.

Even after following the above steps if the problem persist, you should use a bootable USB flash/pen drive to install operating system.
It is the ultimate solution to the problem and way to install operating system. It has always worked.

As I have noticed the problem is most common in Dell laptops and even the customer assistance is unable to tell the solution, I recommend to use USB flash/pen drive for installation.

A bootable flash/pen drive is a flash drive that has installation files of operating system along with boot files and it works as installation disc for operating system. It installs operating system on hard disk just like installation disc.

Search the internet for utility programs to make bootable flash drive .And obviously you need another PC to make bootable flash drive.

Now put the bootable drive in laptop and this time you have to make sure that USB external drive is now in bootable device priority in BIOS setup.
Just go to BIOS press F2 for setup and set USB drive as first boot device. Disable hard drive from boot priority.

As and when installation of operating system completes and system restarts, again enter BIOS setup to change Hard disk as first boot device.

This time your computer will definitely boot from Hard disk.

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Sunday, 26 April 2015


What do you drink:
 water or religion, 
now decide what should come first?

People go by the rituals and customs instead of going by good or bad, this is what basic human behaviour is.

In India the above rule is more strong and rigid and examples are superstition, child marriages, people more closer to themselves and their families than the country, polluted rivers (e.g. Ganga, Yamuna) etc.

I have noticed there is something known as earth day, how many people care about that, even in India you can count those people in few hours, I always had concern about environment and people’s impact on it, so earth day doesn’t make any difference to me.

Now, I was telling about people and how they follow others, in India if we talk about most polluted rivers the first river that comes in mind is Yamuna, it is hard to even call it river as at some places it has bulk of harmful chemical foams floating and flying in air. World is worried about extinct & endangered animal species soon we would talk about extinct rivers.

Ganga, the holy river named after goddess Ganga known to wash away sins “Paap” , now requires a complete makeover & cleanover, govt says they have started cleaning programme with tonnes of money invested but even the supreme court commented that with this proposed plan it will take 200 years to clean the waters.

To pollute a holy river is itself a “Paap”, to kill people who are dependent on the water and the animals living in the water is a sin. So going to the river and washing body and naming it ‘washing sins’ is just like committing another big sin.

The government sucks as always and will always suck until a complete change over is done to mindset of politicians, but for the pollution of Ganga people are responsible not the politicians.

Why the people are dependent on a river to wash away their sins, why do they intentionally commit sins and why the hell they go to Ganga for a bath when they have showers at their home.

Here the first two lines of post holds right, people never think what they are doing, why they are doing & what they will actually get out of this, they just follow others, even those people who have spent several years to gain education, degrees, diploma etc.  in different fields get involved in this crazy polluting practice.

Now the irritating part is they wash their bodies, clothes ‘with soap & detergent’, they throw away flowers, ploythene & various other articles in the river, and nobody stops them from doing so, I have heard somewhere ‘shashtra’ says so,

but I don’t know about any stupid shashtra that says “Go and wash your body & other sh!*#t in the holy river, come on people jump in the river in lakhs together, throw away whatever you want to, ruin the river as much as you can, do sins regularly and come and wash here, let the river be a history but follow as the ‘shashtra’ says”.

Do you have answer to my question “Has God himself written the shashtra?”, if yes let me see the original first copy.

What kind of society, we are living with where people want luxurious cars, big houses, expensive phone & clothes but they don’t have brain with little logic. They commit sins to get these things and then visits Kedarnath, Badrinath, Varanasi etc. to wash away their “Paap”.

When we apply our brains in daily life, in feeding families, in business, why we people are so lame in applying that when it comes to some baseless rituals practices.
Earth and Environment are required for survival, not the religion or caste.

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Slow Computer problems and solutions

If you often feel that your computer is running slow, check following:

Hardware Related (Physical Components)

Do you think your friend's or relative's computer is running faster OR
noticed that your computer hardware is old?
If yes--> You need to upgrade your hardware with new processor, motherboard or RAM.

Have you noticed any voltage or electrical disturbances?
If yes--> Use stabilizer or UPS.

Noticed any "beep" sound or heating issues or CPU cooling fan related problem?
If yes---> Contact hardware support personnel/ hardware engineer.

Only buy good quality hardware whether expensive or cheap, some known brands are Intel, AMD, Gigabyte, Seagate, Samsung etc. Always ask for original hardware component not for cheap.
Cheap component works but they are slow, have compatibility issues and often fails.

Software Related (Operating system) [For Windows]

Do you think you have too much icons / folders on desktop?
If yes--> You should not keep huge size folders (more than 30 mb) on desktop, move them to another                partition.
               Avoid keeping much icons on desktop, access the programs through start menu instead of                    having on desktop.

Do you have good antivirus software installed and updated?
If No--> Install a good antivirus program like Norton, Quick Heal, Guardian etc. with subscription &               key to update regularly. Just installing antivirus is not enough, update it regularly.

Noticed that you have too much unnecessary software and programs installed?
If yes---> Go to control panel and uninstall any unnecessary or outdated software.
                And also if you have 2-3 versions of same program installed, keep only one.

Do you regularly check for errors on the C: drive?
If No---> Go to my computer, right click C: drive, choose properties option, new dialog box appears,                 select tools tab, in error checking select 'check now', it will ask to schedule the checking                       next time you restart the computer.
                When you restart the computer it will check for errors, don't skip the step.

Have you recently de-fragmented your hard drive?
If No---> Do it now, go to control panel , search for "Defragment" in search box on top right corner,                   now results shows Administrative tools along with 'defragment your hard drive', click it,                     new window appears, select the drive then analyze it and defragment if required.

Other Suggestions:

Only Install compatible software and operating system on your hardware. Every software has minimum system requirements check the same before installation.

If you are still facing problem best solution is back up your data then format & reinstall your operating system with recovery disk or new disc.

Note: You are free to write query/suggestions/doubts as comment.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

CA Final Nov 2014

I was waiting for the exact number of candidates, who became CAs in Nov 2014 but no exact figures available yet.
Nobody had expected such a result:
8.23% in both grps i.e.2983 CAs
23% approx in I grp i.e. about 15000
10% in II grp i.e. about 7000 cadidates

Now, you can guess yourself how much of the candidates, who cleared 1st or 2nd grp have completed CA final this time.
I guess atleast 5 to 6 thousand out of total 22000. So total CAs goes to 8  to 9000 in nov 2014, exact figure may even go higher. (will be updated soon)

Now the main problem, candidates are facing is temporary unemployment and lower salary package. And most of the companies are seeking for post qualification experience, 3 years articleship doesnt matters to them.

Those who decided to undertake industrial training are eating the cream, also some of those who snatched merit are having its advantage.

To score merit is not in your hands but everybody can try to go for industrial training and thats why i recommended to go for industrial training in previous posts.

I can not comment on the result percantage this time, its for benefit of more students but the market will take time to absorb the all of them.

Institute must take some reasonable steps to keep check on unemployed members after the campus placement. Something new that may provide improvement in skills must be undertaken, practical & professional training must be undertaken so that profession remains a benchmark.

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Difficulties for a newly qualified CA

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As and when a person gets CA final cleared, the person is full of excitement, relief, hope and obviously a little bit of confusion.

The first confusion is : Practice or Job?
Most of the students have a predetermined mind set for a particular option, still there are few  candidates who are confused to opt for practice or job. If you are one of the confused students, i suggest that you should work on your confidence and should know more about yourself. Its not a bad thing but it is an indication that somewhere you lack understanding of yourself and you need to work on it.

Practice is something that requires contacts, patience, struggle, ability to understand client's need, enough audit experience or somebody who is pre-established in the practice field to guide.
I am not going to talk much about practice as this area is out of my interests.

Second confusion is : Where to find and apply for jobs?
Most of the candidates dreams of good job and designation.
People say... "To find jobs these days is very difficult"
I don't think its correct, to 'find' jobs is easy, to get job is difficult.
Here is one thing that I have noticed, most of the companies on the 'job portals' asks for experience of at least 2-3 years with petty offerings (normally below 3 lakhs). On the otherside some companies picks up a newly qualified CA in normal package of  4-5 lakhs during campus placement.

I personally believe a candidate who has actually spent 3 years of articleship in auditing many kinds of client can never be a 'fresher'.But most of the companies on job portals does not even recognizes articleship as work experience.
'That is an irony associated with the profession'

Anyway every person who is newly qualified chartered accountant must consider the training part as work experience as an ordinary accountant with 3 years experience never goes through that situation, environment and knowledge enhancement. He/she must mention that actually 3 years of life were spent on gaining knowledge, experience, error finding, corrections & reporting on the work done by experienced accountants.

Now, before one searches for job, the points to be cleared are:
1. Industry ( manufacturing, hospitality, finance etc.)
2. Expected salary pm / annual package ( cost to company)
3. Location of work (home town/outside)
4. Self search or campus placement or both
5. Resumè (self made /not copied)

If you are searching jobs in particular industry prepare a list of companies in that industry and then search websites of each company for jobs. Generally, current openings are available in ' Career' tab on home page of company's website. This is best way to search for desired job. For example for IT industry open Wipro / Infosys etc., in case of hotels search for careers in Taj group, Leela hotels, oberoi etc.
You can also rely on campus placement but do not completely depend on it.

Online portal that can be searched are:
Also you must have an updated profile on LinkedIn and you should follow the companies you want to get associated with.

Another thing one should keep in mind is that either you can keep close to your small home town or to money. The companies are not paying much in small cities/ non metro cities like Indore, Bhopal, Jaipur etc.
Even I have a seen some companies offering just 3 lakhs in industrial city like Pune. If you want good salary (approx 5 Lacs and above) you have to go to New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc.

Yes, there are some exceptions but those are few in number and thats why they are exceptions.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Training & Employment

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Sometimes we are close to something beneficial but are unaware of the same.
When I came across some beneficial schemes ( links provided in the end) running for years, I was surprised to know that these are actually beneficial but I was unaware of the same.

There are some scheme formed and are controlled by government of India.
MES courses were  adopted under a programme a by central govt., and have now been carried over by many state govt. to provide training in different areas.
These courses involves training and development of unemployed candidates between age group of 18 to 35 years.

Courses involves negligible fees (Rs.300 to 600 as registration fees) and practical knowledge with employment guaranteed. So the courses are almost free.
Most of the organisation involved in the process of training, provides the free recruitment services.In return these organisations get paid from govt. on basis of number of students trained.

In rajasthan, programme carried by govt is divided in different projects.
The govt. department concerned about the process is RSLDC, website is
Details of the programmes

The details of courses and training centres are provided in the link: 

The organisations / institutes involved in free training are:
Institutes Involved

These schemes are with residential as well as non residential facility, ask the contact person provided in the link above for the same.

Note: In case of any query/doubt/suggestion write a comment.
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