Saturday, 20 December 2014

Other side of government

When BJP was elected people were dreaming of better future, better foreign policies and good internal environment in the country.
But now after a time more than six months if we evaluate the work, what we find is some foolish statements, incomplete & inaccurate policies and the controversial thinking of hindu nation.

The fact that people of bangladesh have been entering  Indian  territory through 'unauthorized means' is now  ignored and government instead of applying restrictions, dealing the situation with the practice of religion conversion.
Why don't the people following RSS and its thoughts, understand that converting a person from muslim to hindu will not change his size, character or behavior.

The only thing happening is that we are giving licence to share the land, water, food, employment and other resources to unauthorized people forever. This process is not in favour of nation.

The man whose face is used in all BJP elections whether assembly or loksabha, believes in eliminating law and not in favour of enactment of new law but is it really possible to run a nation without law. And most irritating part is that many fools in audience clapped on that.
' I mean who would stop at red light signal, if law is silent'
He should stop making statement like that and should try to run the nation with help of law and not with RSS thought stream.

Nation and its security is important before anything else.
Everybody wants audience to clap on their "Bhashan" but content included therein should make sense, especially when you are talking about Prime Minister.

Saturday, 29 November 2014


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How to face ISCA paper:
1.      The most important thing is the book you are studying from, most of the students uses authors who are generally lecturers/teachers from leading coaching institutes of India and some of them uses modules/books provided by institute.

2.      I would recommend module by the institute and reasons for the same are as follows:
i)                    The question paper is formed from the institute module.

ii)                  The questions in the paper are in same language (i.e. combination of particular words and grammar) which is mentioned in module.

iii)                The books from other authors simplifies and simultaneously alters the language of question part (i.e. characteristics may be altered to features, goals can be mentioned as purpose etc.) so it makes it difficult to identify the exact question in the exams.

iv)                When an author writes a book he uses his discretion /decision making to present the information as important or not so important but actually in ICAI module everything is important. Question can be asked from anywhere.

v)                  Students find ISCA module is boring and contains complex language but what is important are “ the exact points that are mentioned in answers and not exact description of point”. You will get marks for the exact points and description does not matter much.

vi)                Practice module is like life line as it contains summary and important questions with answers so every student must give time to the same. If you don’t have time for main module just give time to the practice module. It can earn you enough marks.

3.       In ISCA paper you need to be accurate in your words rather than increasing the volume of answers. It is a myth that if you write more in ISCA you get more marks. Students must focus to understand the question correctly and be accurate in the points that are mentioned in answers. Just remember the points and read the description for understanding.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Screen blinking issue

Trobleshooting: Problem of Screen blinking when AC adapter is plugged or unplugged

I found people searching, asking, finding, discussing on the above problem all over internet.
I had the same problem with a laptop. And found the root cause as well as solution.

You must be computer literate and aware of Control Panel, Power option, icon, taskbar. If you are not ask someone for manual help and then follow the steps given below.
Following are the details and solution: (Have patience)

Exact problem: Laptop screen goes blank for 2 seconds when AC adapter/ charging adapter is plugged in or out.
Mostly this problem is found in new laptops.

Problem type: Software issue (not a hardware problem)
Yes it is software issue and precisely it is a feature or ‘setting’ by which a laptop switches performance from low to high and vice versa. It is normal and happens with most of the new Laptops with Win 7 or Win8.
Anyway you can get rid of it.

Cause: Auto changing or switching between refresh rate i.e. 60Hz to 40/50Hz and vice versa.

First Check this to confirm you have the exact above mentioned issue:
1. Is your laptop working fine while plugging and unplugging adapter with external screen.(If yes, you are on right place).
Now you can remove the external monitor.
Note: (If No, you are wrong on place, its hardware issue contact the customer support)
2. Disable your current "Display driver".
(by right clicking "Computer" icon on desktop ,selecting properties and then selecting "Device manager" and then again a right click Display adapter you have.
If after disabling, plugging & unplugging adapter works fine, it confirms you exactly have the same issue.
3. Enable it again and follow the steps given below.

100% Solution to the problem:

Process 1 (Refresh rate):
1. If you have Intel HD Graphics, you can see a icon on Desktop. Open it. (You can also find the same in control panel in large icon mode)
Control panel view
2. You can see an option named "Display" click it, and if you can see "Refresh rate" as 60 Hz change it to 40 Hz.
Apply the changes.
Intel HD Graphic window (may be different in your case)

3. Go to Power option in the same menu from where you have selected "Display" option.

4. You are able to see two type of power sources "Plugged in" & "Battery". Now make sure the laptop does not switches the Refresh rate on plugged in position.
Sometimes laptop switches the refresh rate automatically when charger is plugged in. In my case the option is not there "Automatically switch refresh rate". You have to disable it. Save the changes.
You may have different HD Graphic software so you may have to find the options yourself.
Note: I just want you to set the refresh rate same for both "plugged in" and "battery" mode.
When the refresh rate changes/switches the screen blinks.
Now the problem must be sorted, if not follow few more steps:

Process 2: Max. Performance

1. Right click on the battery indicator on the task bar ( lower right corner of desktop).

2. Select Power saver or Balance Plan. Choose any. Click Plan settings.
3. Now there is an option of changing the setting to default for the plan. Restore it to default.
4.  And now you have to open "Intel HD graphic" window again and in power source set the both "plugged in" and "battery" to maximum performance.

Note: I just want you to increase the performance in both battery mode and charging mode.
And now follow the same steps mentioned "Process 1 (Refresh rate)" to ensure refresh rate is same.

Conclusion note: The issue occurs due to screen switching between refresh rate of 60Hz and 40Hz while plugging and unplugging adapter.
So either the problem is gone or you have not followed the steps correctly or you must be trying these steps on regular screen flickering or some other screen or hardware related problem.
If it worked, give a comment and please share the web link on internet with others.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Best Mobile under Rs.10000

Best Mobile under Rs. 10000

These days if you search online related to mobile in the range “7000-10000”, you will definitely get Micromax unite 2 as one of the result.
No doubt micromax has emerged as a good & reliable manufacturer after Micromax Canvas series.

Canvas is one of the best featured phone in the given price range. All other phones from the Micromax including the recent popular Micromax Unit 2 are not good enough to compete with other brands.

Micromax Unite 2 is equipped with many features such as Flash light, Secondary 2.0MP camera, 1GB RAM, Quad core processor, Android Kitkat which you will not find in other established brand in the given price (Rs. 7000). 

But let me tell you that Micromax Unite 2 does not satisfy the requirements in terms of display quality, camera quality (especially the secondary camera is very poor) and loudness level.
The biggest problem is sound level, you are unable to hear songs and the ringtone even at highest volume if the phone is placed few steps far. This is common problem for all the Unite 2 pieces so that’s a drawback for the phone.

Also micromax is an Indian brand which manufactures its product in china and I personally believe that somewhere micromax provides more features but compromises with the quality to provide its product at comparative less price than other big brands like Samsung, Nokia, Sony xperia, HTC etc.

Most of the sites and people will recommend you the phone on basis of features but the feature must work fine. I have made this post after a research on internet related to phone reviews.

Possible Alternatives:

                                                                   Android One

Micromax Canvas series includes one of the most well built phones from micromax.
And even the Micromax Android One is good option that you can consider over Unite2.

Moto E is best option in same price for those who can sacrifice the features of Flash light & front camera. But it has better display quality and sound. It is also splash resistant. The battery provided in Moto E is not user removable like other phones. But it can be removed and replaced by service centre. Price Rs.7000.

Sony xperia M could be the possible alternative but you have to invest few more thousands rupees, it is available online for Rs. 10500(approx).

Nokia X2 (android platform) is another good option 5MP camera, Flash, 0.3 MP Front Camera, longer battery life; just launched and will take few more days to get available in market. I can’t tell you the fix price but it will be available within Rs.10000. I suggest you to wait for the product.

I personally dislike Samsung phones so I can’t recommend any option from that brand.

Note: Go and buy phones online without any doubt or hesitation.
You can choose flipkart and amazon (orders fulfilled my amazon) for easy door pick up returns.

For online shopping tips read:Buying online myths & reality

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Useful Computer softwares

1.     A software which is helpful to run many android apps on your PC/laptop (including whatsapp, hike, line, candy crush etc.)
It works on windows xp, vista 7 & 8.
Get the software from the link given below:

2.     If you are willing to run it on XP you need:
.Net framework v2 sp2, click the link below for the same (not required in case of Win 7 & 8):

 In windows xp, you may face the problem related to your graphic driver so make sure that your graphic driver is updated.
3.     It will download some apps (referred as games) during the first run.
Then it will initiate the start up process.

4.     It is easy to use as it looks like Android OS.

1.     This software helps to convert your Laptop to wifi hotspot just like android mobile hotspot.

2.     And you can connect up to 10 devices to your Laptop through wifi TO ACCESS INTERNET.

3.     It is simple to use and takes up small disk space.

4.     Get it from here: mhotspot


Friday, 11 July 2014

Buying online myths and reality

Buying online
Where do you prefer to buy from?....Market or Online.
Just one year before, I found most of the people hesitant to buy stuff from online sites, especially in non metro cities.
But as the surveys and reports says ‘buyers interested in online shopping have increased’.

People have misconceptions/myths related to online shopping like:

·         It is completely risky & unsecured transaction.
·         Quality of items available online is always low.
·         Returns are not accepted.
·         Prices are high as compared to market.
·         Product available online are without warranty.


·         Most of the sites (e.g. flipkart, amazon, snapdeal, shopclues, ebay etc.) provide secure transactions. Money is transferred to seller only after successful delivery of the item to buyer after 2days or as per policy of website.
You can claim refund as and when you receive the product and find it unsatisfactory.
Claim refund through ‘contact us’, write mail to site, use ‘claim refund’ button etc. do not claim refund through feedback.

·         Quality of items is same as available in market. In fact those people who are in online business for long time gives priority to the same for better feedback. What you have to do is ‘Just before buying any doubtful product search about it on google.’

·         Returns are accepted on most of the sites mentioned above except ebay. On ebay there are few sellers who deny returns due to quality or warranty issues. If you are buying from ebay, you can search the item on google to check whether it is eligible for sale in India or not.
If other sites as amazon, snapdeal & flipkart are showing the same item, it is eligible otherwise it may be an illegitimate imported product.
·         On internet & online sites you can find the best prices in the country.

·         The manufacture warranty is same as you get in the market (for example on phones 1 year warranty both in market & online sites). Just read the warranty & conditions for warranty mentioned on site for particular product. Read carefully if you are buying from ebay. On ebay most of sellers provide sellers warranty instead of manufacturer in case of imported products.

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Sunday, 22 June 2014


Industrial Training

The last year of articleship can be converted to the best part of your articleship as well as initial step to work for the industry with vast career opportunities.
But only few of the students are aware of industrial training, and it is like they have diamond in their hand without knowing that it is actually real & precious.

Major cities in India have organizations eligible to provide industrial training including some big players of Indian economy and job providers.

Here is link showing list:

At present the results for CA final is at very low percentage. Few years back in November 2007 the percentage was very high i.e about 28%. After the result of Nov. 2013 declaration ICAI president claimed that students have scored what they have done in exams. Now a clarification is required “Were the students appeared in 2007 born with some special powers?” ….no definitely not, it was the institute which must have up scaled the marks and blessed the students unnecessarily.

I don’t have any problem with the result percentage but institute must think about students also, if they want to control the quality or quantity, it should be done at IPCC level. At the level of CA final and completion of 3 years articleship it is difficult for all students to leave the CA course and search for other dimensions or alternatives. But the institute is only thinking of fees and free labour.

So, till the institute starts thinking about students, they have to think for themselves. I believe only the best students will be able to get industrial training and the chance to have experience that would decide their future in the field.

Believe me or you can ask any CA (not the one who is in practice)…..
 “whether to go for industrial training or not?”
I don’t want any of the reader to lose the opportunity of industrial training as I did.

You will learn more / earn more / get more exposure / able to enhance your knowledge base / increase the chances for better job.

You may have to leave your first attempt but passing CA in first attempt has nothing to do with a good job. You need to have work experience and knowledge for better job opportunity.

Know about industrial training (under regulation 51 & 72): (click the links below)
Note: Intimate your principal before 3 months from commencement of industrial training. 

I don’t think any principal has the guts to say no for industrial training. In case of exception you can contact institute.
 In the end, I would give my opinion to definitely go for industrial training and enhance the chances to become a successful and satisfied CA.

"(Is it helpful, post a comment or a suggestion.)"

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


The Hell “Articleship”

As I promised to post something about articleship in my previous posts here I undertake to unveil the layers and also the alternatives for better future.

In CA course the things that matters are the experience, skill, work & specialization whereas the institute is known to give degrees to those people who can stick to the books and write in exams. Institute has just inserted the article ship in the course and it thinks that the job is done.

If we talk about articleship the first thing we can figure which is attached to it is exploitation. Articles are being exploited and they don’t have much rights to oppose the same. The principles (CAs) are powered with their superiority and have all the rights over their articles.

Although Chartered accountant Act exists but no one cares what it says. Articles are being used for personal purposes while the act says it is against ethical code of conduct.

According to me there are two main purposes to introduce Articleship :
Firstly, two give practical knowledge to the students and
Second purpose was to provide low cost staff to CA firms (practicing units).

The second purpose has been accomplished fully but the first one is still in its way (not just because of practicing CAs or small size of their firm or limited work available with them but dummy articles are equally responsible).

Articles are entitled to get a fixed stipend for 3 years years but how many CAs pays it to the articles, the answer is very few (especially in non metro cities). CAs may show the stipend expense in the books but actually the money is paid by cheque and taken back as unaccounted CASH, again violation of ethical codes.
 Institute has itself fixed a nominal amount of stipend (Rs. 1000 in initial year) and the practicing units have problem in even paying that.
They get an auditor, a driver with his own vehicle, a helper official as well as personal, a return preparer, an overtime employee, a report maker, a tax advisor, an accountant, a client support personnel, an assistant, a tour maker etc. in ONE ARTICLE for just RS. 1000……..even then an article stand nowhere….thats  what I call HELL. (Few of above are against professional ethics)

To take single day leave in articleship is not easy, no excuses, no reasons, nothing works.
Articles are being used as accountants and they remain accountant for major part or whole of the articleship.

 I have experienced during my articleship that :
easy targets are the easy victims.

Make yourself stand on a position in the organization where no one can consider you a easy target to exploit. Have your own and different opinion wherever possible. Be confident when it comes to ethics. The better you understand good and bad better it is. Listen to everyone but do what you consider beneficial for you and your future. Place your point of view among others not as compulsion but as better and beneficial option.
Any how a person must have practical knowledge of the field and articleship is one of the way to gain basic knowledge, an article must know how to handle different situations but at the same time be vigilant that your hard work don’t get exploited.

You may or may not have a successful career ahead till you know the work of the field, you belong to.
JUST “CA” before the name is not enough.
Good marks don’t always guarantee success or specialization of a field or the fact that the person can actually work in practical situations.

What I have learnt:
 “ Go for maximum work experience, professionalization in  field and everything else related to personality”
“Most of the people focuses on studies only but just studying will not fetch the job satisfaction.”
“Good opportunity are embedded in the skill and expertise”

One must complete articleship for two years and go for industrial training in last year, you may have to leave an attempt of ca final but the training worth it. The training will provide experience of industry and a guaranteed job satisfaction in future. Generally, the person having experience & industrial training is paid more and gets job earlier than a CA in first attempt.

Can Also refer: Industrial Training
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Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Find the .pdf sheet below:

Auditing of real estate business (Developer & Builder) - Audit Manual

(Find other important links related to specific matters below)

1.Guidance note on real estate business (Revised 2012) -
Guidance note link

2.WCT (Works Contract Tax) - LINK

3. ESI & PF - ESI PF Link

4. Service tax reverse charge - LINK

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


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Result is important day for every person who gives exam.
It is more important when it is "CA final result"...

Today ICAI announced CA final nov 2013 results which shocked me and other students as well.
Just 3.11% result for both groups....(and as far as I know it is not quality control)...

No transparency in the process, no clues about qualification of the checking personnel, some people have been downscaled with more than 50% from the expected score, some people that I personally know who are ineligible to become a CA have cleared .....what we can see is ”BLOODY LOTTERY SYSTEM”....or First IN First OUT....

I am unable to figure out that what ICAI wants...more than 10% result in some attempts then trimmed to 3% in next...If institute wants to maintain quality control why it is not seen in all exams...

Now lets see other side of profession:
Why some CA not even know difference between WIP in stock and WIP in capital assets...
Why some of them are not aware of things that are to be treated as inventory....
Why some CA are working for less than Rs20000 per month...
Why some people become CA without having practical knowledge...
Why in some CA firms....articles are teaching new CAs...
Where the hell is quality control..?????

It is easy for institute to pass candidates under control in CA final exams but even this exam does not have quality control..what 3.11% result shows is quantity control.

What I have heard is “what percentage of result institute has to announce  is pre decided and only officials at higher level has information of same.

I am not saying this is not proper way “OK they want to control quantity of CAs” but why this is not done along with quality control..

I have some questions/suggestion:

Have exams of CAs members on regular intervals of 2-3 years to check the quality, temporary withdraw their membership to check “Quantity”.
Do that annoying downscaling there.

Even lazy and corrupt govt. Departments are known for their internal exams for promotion..why institute does not organize same to promote a member from ACA to FCA..”Have that quality control at this stage also”...

WHATEVER I have mentioned is completely logical and practical....

a)     A doctor studies MBBS , surgery procedures , human body etc. it works for entire life.
b)    An architect having knowledge of his field, is useful for his entire life without any change in rules.
c)     Engineer study Law of Physics, chemistry that cannot be changed till end of world.

But in life of CA corporate laws changes or amends, Tax laws changes every year, even new methods of accounting are introduced frequently in Guidance notes...
“THAT means quality and quantity control is important even after someone becomes CA member”

Now only institute can answer or debate on this matter why the qu a n t i ty control is suffered by CA Final students only..
Why they do not maintain quality with quantity..


Nov 2014 exam results analysis :  click Link
Searching for CA Jobs  ?  :    click   This link

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Comments whether in favor or against will be appreciated.

Monday, 13 January 2014

CA FINAL previous years papers


You need to have winrar, microsoft office and a pdf reader:
Previous papers with suggested answers:

1996-2002.... LINK- :!107&authkey=!ALAAAPk-z_Drr60&ithint=file%2c.rar


Link----->>> Fin. reporting Papers


LINK---------->>>> SFM Papers

Saturday, 4 January 2014

CA as Career

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CA (Chartered accountant) profession is counted as one of the most rapidly rising profession in India.
But how many people consult a current student before joining it as profession.

Students and their parents, find it a reputed and an area consisting good money.
Students in their final year (12th) of schooling joins it presuming they will earn 5-6 lakhs easily, some of them thinks even bigger.
But the truth is little different.

Not everyone opting CA profession gets a pay of 5-6 lakhs...I have seen many of friends struggling to get a job even after scoring 480+ out of 800 in final exams...
The people getting 8 lacs or more are generally posted to areas like Jharkhand, Orissa, remote areas in Tamil Nadu etc.

More the people (candidates)..searching for the job ...less the pay (popularly known as package)..

One more truth that is bitter is ARTICLESHIP (training period) after the IPCC...
 Articleship is declared HELL among the articles...

Not a big thing to clear..
If you fails CPT in 1st attempt I suggest not to proceed further...GO with CWA, CS, MBA or whatever you like..

Squeezes the hard worker from a student...
Many students opting CA leaves the profession at this stage...
Some takes 5 or more attempts to clear the same...(Rather they must go with some other career option)

Articleship (THE HELL)
The most hated stage in life of a CA student.
First of all its not easy now a days to get a CA to get registered under.
Luckily if someone gets registered, the CA employer may even make the student cry for leaves, conveyance, stipend etc.
Some CAs not even pays stipend to the articles, cheques are made to show bank account entry but the money is taken back in cash from the articled student.
"I think this post is not enough to describe article ship, i will make a separate post later."
(Refer Articleship post)

This stage requires mental as well as physical fitness...
Vast course , heavy modules requires regular study..
Above 90% students opts coaching for final exam during the articleship (which makes articleship worst)..
It is "BAAP" of IPCC not everyone who has cracked IPCC in first attempt can crack final in one try..

After all these stages what a person gets is 3.5-4 lakhs on an average (some are not even this lucky)..
Now a days almost more than 50% of commerce students gives a try to CA course...
Bulk of students, bulk of articles , bulk of CAs but limited jobs...( obviously no one is taking risk to start business or opt some other profession..)

"Consult a CA student you can trust before opting CA as career or just believe me"
(Refer ICAI stats 2015-16)

Are you a CA in search for job, this can be helpful : Click ---->CA jobs suggestions